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In case of weak sexual feeling or less satisfaction of sexual intercourse due to frigidity, it is the treatment for the improvement of sexual feeling with partner and herself.


  • Anyone who has frigidity or not feeling organism
  • When you want the maximization of sexual feeling
  • In case that you need improving frigidity


It is the treatment making a elastic and narrow vaginal states by narrowing from the entry to the inside the part of vaginal lost elasticity after childbirth and frequent sexual intercourse. There are both vaginal reconstruction and vaginal reduction in vaginoplasty. Surgery of both vaginal entry and inside vagina is proceeded at the same time. In addition, there is a surgery to insert the implant as a treatment to give an elasticity. (Effect is different depending on the number of insertion and insertion method).

  • In case that sexual satisfaction is not the same as before
  • In case that there is a problem in sexual life because of frequent penis deviation during sexual intercourse
  • In case that sexual feeling is weak and loose feeling is serious
  • In case that the change of vaginal is accompanied according to the depression of hormones due to aging and obesity

Clitoral Surgery

It is the surgery to make increase a sexual satisfaction by enlarging and exposing the clitoris which is the most representative part of sexual sensible feeling of women. There is a treatment to expose the clitoris or make it elevated upward, and treatment to enlarge by using filler.

  • In case that sexual feeling is weak by obstucting the clitoris due to the hypertropy of labium minor.
  • In case of the itch of around clitoris or in case that foreign substances frequently invaded.
  • In case of feeling inconveniences in sexual intercourse or life because clitoris is too big
  • In case that form looks ugly due to excessive fat tissues or wrinkle
  • In case that there is no feeling despite the direct stimulus of clitoris

G-Spot Enhancement Surgery

It is the surgery to make deliver the stimulus when sexual intercourse on that place by swelling with other methods or inserting the implants in the part of G-spot. It increases the effect of vaginal contraction during sexual intercourse by maximizing the sexual feeling of women.

- Required time for filler procedure: About 5 minutes
- Required time for silicone procedure: About 20 minutes

  • In case of feeling multi-organism
  • In case that sexual excitement is reduced due to childbirth or aging
  • In case of lasting organism more
  • In case of not feeling organism after inserting
Post Management of the Sexual Enhancement Surgery
  • There is some differences depending on treatment but shower and normal activities are all possible.
  • After above treatment, returning to home without hospitalization is possible and normal life is possible if passing vaccination procedure without special care.
  • After the surgery, continuous strengthening exercises of systematic pelvic muscles will be better.

KMH Recommended Tips

  • You can have optimal result if you accompany chemical treatment at the same time with the surgery in order to maximize the sexual feeling.
  • As important point of vaginoplasty is to protect the pelvic nerve and blood vessel, it is important to select hospital and get a sufficient consultation before the treatment.
  • In case of vaginoplasty, personalized natural correction with various treatment is possible and it is useful for anyone who wants to hide to partner. Recover period is fast so that normal sexual intercourse s possible in the short term.
  • After child birth, in case of wanting the vaginal reduction surgery, it is recommended for you to do in 3~6 months. (After childbirth, it will be better for you to do after finishing 2 times menstruation.)
  • Women’s sexual dysfunction is 30~50% higher than that of men. If only the cause of women’s sexual dysfunction is detected, it can be treated with psychological treatment, medicine treatment and surgery treatment and you can enjoy more positive life after sufficient consultation with medical specialist.

Recommend Hospital

Dr. Sangin Shim of Hansarang Laser Vaginoplasty Center is renowned vaginoplasty surgeon with over 10 years of experience on laser vaginoplasty.

Hyosung Hospital, officially designated clinic specialized in Obstetrics & Gynecology by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, is operating International Clinic for 24/7 for all year round.

JCI certified MizMedi Hospital is officially designated women’s clinic by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. With over 70 professional medical staff, MizMedi is specialized in In-Vitro Fertilization of over 43% success rate.