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Korea Medical Hub (KMH) is a multilingual web portal designed to provide a list of clinics and hospitals in Korea and information on facilities and medical services they offer for international patients coming to Korea for medical tourism.

Since its establishment in 2011, Korea Medical Hub has guided many international patients to Korea for various medical treatments including popular cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, vision correction surgery, hair transplant and more. Professional and experienced KMH medical coordinators has helped international patients on 1:1 basis from their arrival to departure to ensure the safest and the most satisfactory medical tour experience during their stay in Korea.

Korea Medical Hub is a leader of global medical facilitator in Korea. KMH has set the standard for the excellent and systematic services we offer to medical tourists for the past three years. KMH is recognized by the Korean government in 2011 and swept the award for its excellent services and dedication by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. 

KMH is the official partner of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), Medical Korea, and the City of Seoul, Gangnam-Gu Medical Tourism and more.


You deserve our best

Your safety matters to us. That is why we put your safety as our top priority and make sure you travel, get your medical treatment done and return home safely.
We know that getting any types of medical procedure can be scary especially if you are alone, far away from home. And we know that you need to be monitored closely not only when you are on the table but also before and after the procedure. So we are here to check on you the entire time while you are being treated and even after you return home.
Because your safety is the most important to us, we are staffed with experienced, medical interpreter and take your entire medical procedure very seriously.
Please remember, when it comes to patient safety, we have zero tolerance policy for disregard of risks to patients.
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We speak your language and we understand your culture. The KMH team is experienced, professional consultant group that understands the importance of effective communication. We know that undergoing a medical procedure abroad can be overwhelming and having no one to understand what you want is frustrating.
We place a lot of emphasis on understanding what our patients need completely so that we can provide personalizing care for each and every one of our patients. Not to mention that years of experience with international patients as the best medical tourism facilitator has gained us even better insight of patient-oriented care.
With KMH, you are not alone in Korea. We are here to listen, prepare for, customize your medical tour.
We care a lot about your health and beauty concerns. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
- Free consultation: +82-70-4320-2202 or Please click here to send us an inquiry.
Transparency is an essential factor for improving the quality of your medical trip. By making every step of your medical tour process crystal clear including costs, you will have a better chance achieve satisfied, meaningful outcome.
Here at KMH, we strive to deliver an excellent service in terms of quality of patient care, timely response, professional behavior and value for money by providing as much information that we get from the clinics/hospitals to our patients.
As a result, we hope that there will be no need for complaints.
We promise to open the medical cost of Korean clinics/hospitals for the international patients and make sure our patients are not overcharged just because they can’t speak Korean.
- Please click here to see KMH price chart.
When it comes to choosing a clinic/hospital and a doctor abroad, the more information you have, the better chance to choose one right. This is why we try our best for you to have as much information as possible so you wouldn’t have any regrets after your medical trip.
We ensure that you are informed with accurate, up-to-date knowledge of your procedure by connecting with qualified clinics/hospitals in Korea.
Got a question? Let us know. You’ll be connected with trusted, the most reliable healthcare providers in Korea as quick as possible.
- Please call us at +82-70-4320-2202 for a free consultation or click here to send us a inquiry.

Why is KMH so Awesome?

Awarded, Certified & Appointed by the government

Korea Medical Hub (KMH) has been certified, appointed and awarded as the best medical facilitator by Korean Government. (2011~2014)

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Professional medical consultants & interpreters

Korea Medical Hub (KMH) is a team of passionate, dedicated, experienced personals to assist, coordinate your medical trip in Korea. Meet us and choose better.

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Non-Medical Concierge Service

Whatever your requirements – affordable accommodation, convenient transportation or Seoul tour – we aim to find the most comfortable, satisfactory service for you. Because we understand undergoing medical treatment abroad can be a emotional, we put lots of effort to make your trip as smooth as possible.

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