JASENG Hospital of Oriental Medicine

In 2007, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs recognized Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine as the only hospital specialized in spine conditions.

JP Plastic Surgery - Hair Transplant Center

Dr. Joing Pil Choi at JP Plastic surgery is not only a plastic surgeon with 14 years of experience but also an ABHRS certified physician.

Beauty Line Plastic Surgery

Beauty Line Plastic Surgery provides highest quality service with high-tech medical equipment, use of certified implant for its safety, advanced pain-free anesthesia system, thorough pre / post surgery management, and 100% customizable patient service.

WITH Plastic Surgery

WITH plastic surgery is with you. 
[WITH plastic surgery takes great pride in our medical professionals.]
- All of the surgeons at WITH plastic surgery have graduated from Seoul National University.

View Plastic Surgery

View Plastic Surgery Hospital was first established in 2005 and since then it not only became one of the biggest general hospitals for plastic surgeries with 19 floors that represents Korea but also gained a lot of trust from many patients by focusing on various types of plastic surgeries.

UP2C Plastic Surgery Clinic

UP2C Plastic Surgery has been studied the best effective surgery and established the innovative technique, ‘AQUA filling filler’ and others, which boost the customer satisfaction. Also, every surgery is performed by plastic surgeons.

CHAN Bariatric Surgery

CHAN Bariatric Surgery is the top class Gastric Band Surgery center in Asia designated as Educational Institution. CHAN Bariatric Surgery offers an advanced weight-loss surgery for Obsesses without Yo-Yo phenomenon.

V Plastic Surgery Group

V Plastic Surgery Group offers price conscious procedures to high-end procedures for all aspect of plastic surgery with the state-of-art equipment and facility.

Dream Plastic Surgery

Dream Plastic Surgery: Our Core values, Our Promise to Customers, Our beliefs that shall not be broken.

Seoul National University Hospital, Healthcare System Gangnam Center

SNUH Gangnam Center provides individually customized programs combined with total healthcare system for disease prevention, health maintenance and promotion. In 2011, 1,223 foreigner patients from overseas visited our center for medical checkup.