Adams Urology Clinic

Adams is an urological clinic specialized in phalloplasty founded by Dr. Mu-Yeon Lee, a renowned specialist in this field who has performed over 4,000 surgeries. He first introduced penile enlargement surgery in Korea in 1995 and presented a penile enlargement surgery using alloderm in 1997.

Nanoori Hospital

Nanoori Hospital is a special spinal joint hospital established in 2003.

Wooridul Hospital Spine & Joint

Wooridul Hospital, established in Busan in 1982, has been trying to be the world’s leading spine & joint hospital with the state of clinical excellence, cutting edge technology, academic and research excellence and tender loving care.

Lee Young Jun Korean Medicine Clinic

Lee Young Jun Korean Medicine Clinic is specialized in treating incurable or rare diseases due to brain nerve damage or disorders by realigning spinal cord, stabilizing brain nerve system, and opening up blocked channel that connects brain and body using Functional Cerebro Spinal Technique (FCST)

Wellton Hospital

Since opening as a specialist hospital in joint surgery and treatments in 2003, Wellton Hospital expanded and relocated in August 2009 to its present location, adopting the latest-technology equipment and medical technology.

Dr. Ahn Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr. Ahn Hair Transplant Clinic is a hair loss treatment hospital that opened in 2004 and specializes in hair transplantation surgery. 

KNUH Hair Transplantation Center

The Hair Transplantation Center at Kyungpook National University Hospital (KNUH) is opened in 1996, and expanded as KNUH Hair Transplantation & Research Center in 2011.

THE Clinic

THE CLINIC puts the best effort to make it possible to look younger and bring the youth back for high-end class patients (1% of VVIP patients). THE CLINIC designs both external & internal health for your youthful life. 

Arumdaun Nara Dermatology Clinic

ArumdaunNara is a 'Total Beauty clinic' with collaborated medical treatments of dermatology, plastic surgery and obesity clinics boasting its diversified operations, so that patients can have all related medical services at one place.

Oracle Skin Clinic

Oracle Skin Clinic has largest number of local branches in Korea (47 local, 12 overseas), having its head office in Apgujeong area. Advanced medical devices are equipped and highly experienced staff are ready.