VIP International Plastic Surgery Center

VIP International Plastic Surgery Center specialized in rhinoplasty using autologous tissue has delivered great result and high customer satisfaction with unique ‘HARMONY FACE’ cosmetic surgery procedure that uses autologus tissues to correct short nose, severely crooked nose as well as balance b

Camellia Miz Korean Medicine

Camellia Miz Korean Medicine focuses on non-surgical aesthetic procedures utilizing the principles of Korean medicine for natural beauty and wellbeing without worrying about side effects and surgical marks.

JK Plastic Surgery Center

Since 1998, when the JK Plastic Surgery Center was established, JK Plastic Surgery Center has earned a reputation as the best plastic surgery center through its results and customer satisfaction. Through its 15 years in operation, JK has not had a single medical accident.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Located in the bustling streets of trend and fashion in Gangnam, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is divided into many departments, rotating around the head director, Dr. Wonjin Park.

TL Plastic Surgery Clinic

TL Plastic Surgery is Yonsei Medical University alumni clinic with the best & the most up-to-date medical knowledge and technology, providing 1:1 customized service to best serve each individual patient.

Beauty Forever Plastic Surgery

All of the doctors at Beauty Forever Plastic Surgery are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and we have anesthesiologist at the property 24/7 to provide the best and the safest plastic surgery for each and every patient.

ID Plastic Surgery Hospital

ID Hospital is the best plastic surgery hospital for face in Asian countries. ID Hospital is the very first hospital which performed orthognathic surgery at a private plastic surgery hospital in the country. Prior to this, Orthognathic surgery was performed only at general hospitals.

Gangnam K Beauty Plastic Surgery Clinic

We are confident about safe and high quality plastic surgery. Medical staffs specialized for various plastic surgery area. The best safety system for procurement of safety of patients Post –care system.


Mirae Medical Center

Mirae Medical Center was established in 2000 as a 15-year health screening clinic, dermatology, plastic surgery, as well as the correct procedures and surgery like to help with health screening scale hospital with quasi-class dental hospital gynecology physician.

THE Plastic Surgery

THE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology provides professional treatment through five specialized centers such as Facial Contouring, Mammoplasty, Body Contouring, Anti- Aging, and Skincare Centers since its opening in 2002.