Seoul 365mc Obesity Hospital

Seoul 365mc Obesity Hospital is no.1 and the biggest Obesity Hospital studied and treats Only Obesity for 11 years in Asia.

Seoul Slim Surgery Center

Seoul Slim Surgery Center is the number one weight loss Center in terms of the number of gastric banding surgery in Korea. Seoul Slim Surgery Center is the only medical Center in the world performing the parented Safety Loop (S-Loop) adjustable gastric band. This parented Safety Loop (S-Loop) ban

Change Clinic

Change Clinic provides the greatest medical practices specialized in body contouring field and the top medical staffs are working for our customers with the customized service and the specialized equipment.

Real Cosmetic Clinic

Since opening in 1991, we’ve positioned as one of the best plastic surgery centers in Korea. ‘Real’ pronounces ‘Rea-r’ which means ‘Royal’ in French. Real has had thousands of clinical experience for 20 years without a medical accident.

FLORA Aesthetic Clinic

FLORA Aesthetic Clinic is specialized in Revisional Rhinoplasty using autologous tissue and Precision Mammoplasty using endoscopy.

NEO Plastic Surgery

Neo Plastic Surgery is specialized in orthognathic surgery, facial rejuvenation for past 11 years in Seoul, Korea. Neo Plastic Surgery has gained reputation for revisional and complex surgeries through extensive clinical experience and technical know-how.

Oblige Plastic Surgery

Oblige Plastic Surgery in Daegu provides top quality specialized medical services with skilled plastic surgeons and latest medical equipment. Come and experience the advanced plastic surgery care system Oblige has to offer.

Grand Plastic Surgery

Grand Plastic Surgery is the best Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, Korea and aims to become the world's leading plastic surgery center.

Jayunmiin Plastic Surgery Clinic

Based on open & honest Doctor-Patient relations and over 15 years of extensive medical experiences, Jayunmiin Plastic Surgery Clinic provides high-quality medical service that is geared to customers seeking natural looking beauty.

Cinderella Plastic Surgery

Cinderella Plastic Surgery only recommends the procedure ideal for you after thorough analysis and diagnosis.