Seoul National University Hospital, Healthcare System Gangnam Center

SNUH Gangnam Center provides individually customized programs combined with total healthcare system for disease prevention, health maintenance and promotion. In 2011, 1,223 foreigner patients from overseas visited our center for medical checkup.

Sun Medical Center

"We provide our best diagnoses and treatments without anyconstraints for those who come to us." Sun Medical Center with 46 years of history always performs medical service in pioneering and active manner to keep its position as a patient oriented hospital.

Chung-Ang University Hospital

Chung-ang University hospital provides the best service to patients with its excellent medical staffs and professionals of each department for medical development and improvement of public health.

Hospital H-Cube

H-Cube Hospital is one of the best general hospital in Gangbuk area, Seoul, also known as the best child delivery hospital. H-Cube Hospital is equipped with the spacious center for one-stop medical checkup.

Samsung Total Healthcare Center

Samsung Total Healthcare Center, a member of the Samsung Business Group, aims to improve global health.Since introduction of exclusive health check up services for the first time in Korea in1981, Samsung Total Healthcare Center is the largest health Check up center in the country, providing the b

Konkuk University Hospital Healthcare Center

Healthcare Center of Konkuk University Hospital puts great emphasis on characteristics and life cycles of people.

Keimyung University Dongsan Health Promotion Center

Health Promotion Center at Dongsan Medical Center offers a comprehensive health examination program to help you maintain your health through regular health check-ups and early diagnosis of various diseases. The program ranges from a basic examination to VIP examinations.