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TMJ Clinic (TMJ pain & noise, Trismus, Bruxism), Non-Surgical Cosmetic Clinic (Facial Asymmetry, Mandibular Deviation, Malocclusion - C2,3, Open Bite, Deep Bite), Brain Nerve Damage Disorders (



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    • Treatments for torticollis, Tic & Tourettes syndrome
    • Treatments for TMJ, asymetrical face, disc herniation
    • Developed the FCST (Functional CerebroSpinal Therapy)

Lee Young Jun Korean Medicine Clinic is specialized in treating incurable or rare diseases due to brain nerve damage or disorders by realigning spinal cord, stabilizing brain nerve system, and opening up blocked channel that connects brain and body using Functional Cerebro Spinal Technique (FCST) invented by Dr. Lee, Young-Jun.

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천안시 두정동 1616 이영준 한의원

*Please note
- Using ‘Cheonan Taxi’ instead of ‘Asan Taxi’ from Cheonan-Asan KTX station is more economical. (takes 20 mins.)
- It is recommended to ride a cab from West-Side Square if travelling from Cheonan Station. (takes 15 mins.)

Proceed to the overpass past Cheonan tollgate, then use right lane to exit after passing Cheonan Tunnel. Turn left at the exit ramp and proceed 400m to make a right turn. Pass the railroad bridge. Make a right turn at the intersection where Lotteria Franchise Store is, proceed 100m. Lee Young Jun Korean Medicine Clinic is on your right in the red building across the front gate of Jugong 8th Apartment Complex.)

Subway Line 1: Dujeong Station
Get off at Subway Line 1 Dujeong Station, and walk to your right towards Jugong 8th Apartment Complex. Turn right on the intersection without crossing the street. The Lee Young Jun Korean Medicine Clinic is 300m ahead next to Lotteria Franchise Store.

From Inter-City Bus Terminal
Take #14 Bus right in front of the Inter-City Bus Terminal> Get off at Hansung Feel House 3rd Apartment Complex bus stop> Walk 50m in the direction of the bus route to Lee Young Jun Korean Medicine Clinic.