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Ophthalmoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Mammoplasty, Liposuction, Bimaxillary surgery, Face contouring surgery, Wrinkle removal, Botox/Filler



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    • All surgeons from Seoul Nat'l Univ. Hospital
    • Available for all kinds of cosmetic surgeries

WITH plastic surgery is with you. 
[WITH plastic surgery takes great pride in our medical professionals.]
- All of the surgeons at WITH plastic surgery have graduated from Seoul National University.
- Trustworthy Medical Team: Operated by the best medical staffs with over 10 years of experience. 
- Dedicated doctor system: Your primary surgeon will be in charge of the entire process of your surgery from pre-op design to last suture as well we post-op follow up. 
- Patient-oriented surgeons: Surgeons at WITH plastic surgery is there to pay attention and invest sufficient time for each and every patient. 
[WITH plastic surgery puts the patient safety as the top priority.]
- No claims and complaints for over 10 years since the clinic opened.
- Anesthesiologist stays in the clinic at all times. 
- Emergency response system: Equipped with Defibrillators and Emergency Kit 

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Clinic Location

*Please show this message to the driver. 
위 손님을 아래의 주소로 모셔다 주십시오.
서울시 강남구 신사동 592, 2~6층 위드성형외과
압구정역과 강남 을지병원 사거리 중간 정도있으며, 을지병원 사거리 쪽에서 오실 경우 을지병원 사거리를 지나 100m 정도 내려오시면 오른쪽에 위드성형외과가 있습니다. 

From DONGHO Bridge : From Apgujeong Hyundai Department, drive straight towards Ulji Hospital. Make a U turn at Ulji Hospital intersection then go forward about 100m. You’ll see the clinic on your right.  
From HAKDONG station : Drive towards Ulji hospital, pass the first intersection(Ulji hospital intersection) then drive straight for about 100m. You’ll see the clinic on your right. 
*Parking available at the building. 

Apgujeong Station, Subway Line 3 Exit # 3, Walk straight ahead for about 200m (towards CGV) 


At the KB Bank Apgujeong Branch Stop
Blue bus : #147, #148, #463
Green bus : #4211
Red bus: #6800