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Andrology treatment focuses on the treatment of sexual dysfunction and correction of various morphologic with surgical treatment as the total care treatment system for men.


  • Small penis inherently
  • Men suffering from small penis complex
  • Couples feeling the loss of sexually transmitted due to the childbirth of spouse
  • Anyone who wants to improve the quality of sexual life
  • Impotence
  • In case that impotence is accompanied or there is a pain in the penis as soon as the erection (penis tortuosity)
  • Loss of erection as per the physical abnormalities such as erectile dysfunction and diabetes, the body or by the loss of erection (Male implants)
  • Anywone who wants permanent contraception (vasectomy)

Non-surgical method

  • 10min procedure
  • Resume sexual activities in one week

Surgical method

  • 1h 30min surgery
  • Require 2~3 follow-up treatment
  • Resume sexual activities in 4 weeks

Penile Enlargement

Autodermis method

This is method of transplanting in sexual organ by removing the dermis of their own hip or abdomen.Advantage is that the price is very cheap because their dermis is used and accordingly, separate material cost is not necessary. But disadvantage is that the scar in the area removed remains and it is absorbed as time passes

Microfat injection method

This is the method of injecting with the injector in penis after purified this by removing with the injector fats in their hip or abdomen flesh.

PRP autodermis method

Making heal wound naturally and help naturally engraftment and the engraftment of autodermis by using the PRP of which growth ability is very excellent because various growth factors and platelets are abundant.
* Plasma part what concentrated platelet is contained in blood PRP(platelets plasma portion)

Micronized surederm (AlloDerm ® SuredermTM)

This is the method of transplanting the micronized surederm which can make the same effect as their own flesh, without removing dermis tissue from the body when the surgery of penis enlargement. Micronized surederm is the human dermis remaining the 3-dimensional structure of dermal by drying and freezing, after removing the cell in the epidermis and dermis which are giving rise to immune responses in the human skin.


It is the world first human dermis producing in the only USA and the patent technology of LifeCell™(USA), and Freeze Dried Dermal Matrix removed the element which occurs the reaction of immune rejection


It is the human dermis remaining the 3-dimensional structure of dermis with freeze dried after removing the cells inside the dermis and epidermal which is the object of antigen of cellular immune response.

Alternative dermis method (Lyoplant)

Lyoplant is the cell-free two kinds of collagen structure manufactured by B-braun company (Germanya). It is material of which security is excellent by being used as the regenerative material of human body organ in the world and got an approval from FDA, USA.

Other Procedures

Glans Enlargement

Regarding the glans enlargement, there are two methods, one is non-surgical method of enlarging by injecting medicines directly to the glans and the other is the method of enlarging the glans by transplanting directly their own dermis, alternative dermis and micronized surederm to the glans.

Penile Lengthening

It is the surgery taking the part of the erectile bodies hidden in body and it has about 2 ~ 3cm lengthening effect from the length of penis before erection.

Male Implants

It is the surgery of transplanting, instead of erection organ the implants which can remain the erection.


Sperm production is being continued by the blocage of vas deferens which is the passage of sperm but it is the cutting surgery of the part of vas deferens in order that sperm produced in the testis do not take out of body. This method is the simplest and safest, and recognized as the most obvious permanent contraception surgery.

KMH recommended Tips

  • In case of penis enlargement surgery method, you can come back to your daily life after releasing from the hospital, without hospitalizing. Only, in case of autodermis, there will be difficulties in sit activities because the part of hip will be sutured.
  • All activities such as driving, walking and etc. are possible after the surgery. Accordingly, you don’t need vacation due to surgery and you can work.
  • It is recommendable for you not to drink for about 7 days.
  • Sexual intercourse is possible in 3~4 weeks average.
  • There are many occasions to surgery by keeping pace with the enlargement of penis thickness because restoration will be frequently made, in case of only the surgery of lengthening.
  • The penile lengthening can only increases length on normal time not during erection.
  • Please decide after consultation with urologist in care because complex surgery such as premature ejaculation surgery, Lengthening, penis and glans enlargement.

Recommend Hospital

Adams is an urological clinic specialized in phalloplasty founded by Dr. Mu-Yeon Lee, a renowned specialist in this field who has performed over 4,000 surgeries. He first introduced penile enlargement surgery in Korea in 1995 and presented a penile enlargement surgery using alloderm in 1997.

YEZAK Urology Clinic opened in 2007 and keeps nationwide branches in Korea. The up-to-date surgical methods and more than 300 surgical cases prove that YEZAK Urology Clinic is serving the world top class male clinic system.