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Hyperhidrosis is the condition that abnormally causes local hyper perspiration on body, hands, feet, armpits and groin area due to high concentration of sweat glands. For some individuals, heavy perspiration leads to the foul odour which cannot be controlled with conventional method of using antiperspirants or deodorants. Both hyperhidrosis and osmidrosis can be treated with various treatments including medicine, gland aspiration surgery, and botox ion gel treatment.


There are eccrine glands and apocrine glands in human body lean and osmidrosis means that it is smelling decayed by the bacteria in the skin. after the hypersecretiondischarge in the apocrine glands moves to the skin. Because apocrine glands under the influence of the sex hormones are in active function, the symtoms of osmidrosis is started from adolscent.

Indications of Osmidrosis

  • In case of body odor
  • In case that underarm area turns yellow in the evening when wearing white robes and a yellow
  • In case that underarm or earwax is wet
  • In case that there is osmidrosis symptoms in your family.

Treatment Method of Osmidrosis

  • 1. Medicine Therapy
    Osmidrosis cannot be cured completely without removing apocrine glands which is the cause of odor but in case that surgery is possible, it can have a temporarily effect with medicine therapy.
  • 2. Incision
    It is the method to remove the subcutaneous tissue that there is apocrine glands by incising 1~2 areas with 3~4cm length along the wrinkle of the auxiliary. It is done surgery under sleep anesthesia and the hospitalization for couple of days is required after the treatment.
  • The frequency of reoccurrence is low because control is possible by seeing directly the sweat glands.
  • A couple of days should be hospitalized after the surgery. Because pressure bandaging is required for about 1 week, arm cannot be moved for one week and then scar can be remained.
Required Time :
  • 60~80 minutes


Hyperhidrosis is appeared by the increase of eccrine glands and occurred by the disorders of autonomic nervous system. Large amount of sweat glands will be come out If stimulate sweat glands after acetylcholines come out in large quantities in the the nerve terminal due to external stimuli.

Indications of Hyperhidrosis

  • In case of much sweat compared to other people
  • In case of much sweat topically
  • In case of much sweat irrespective of the change of body temperature and the heat.

Treatment Method of Hyperhidrosis

1. Medicine Therapy

Aluminum chloride ingredient is currently the most used and the medicine which can be used for the treatment of hyerhidrosis is DRICLOR solution in Korea. Apply it in the evening and then wash the next morning as a topical liquid form. In case that effect is temporarily and you keep it applying, dermatitis can be occurred.

2. Botox Therapy

Block sweat glands by inhibiting the secretion of acetylcholine which is the neurotransmitters of glands. Apply to facial hyperhidrosis, hands sweating and axillary hyperhidrosis and treatment is made after anesthetic ointment or without anesthetic and daily life is possible immediately after the treatment. Effect is appeared in 1~2 weeks and duration is 3~6 months.

Process of Botox Therapy

  • 1. Waiting for 10~20 min. after the application of anesthetic cream.
  • 2. Point is divided as per the area.
  • 3. Botox injections.
  • 4. The end of treatment after the application of ointment.

Advantage of Botox Theray

  • very short procedure with 10~30 min.
  • Disadvantage:
  • Effect is not permanent so repetitive treatment is required.
  • Applicable Area
  • Hand, foot, arm, facial sweating who is afraid of the surgery

Required Time : 10~30 minutes
Duration of Treatment : 3~6 months

3. Ion Gel Treatment

It is the method to penetrate the skin by using electric power chloride ion in the tap water which can inhibit the secretion of swear. It is the simple treatment by soaking hand or foot for 20 min. per day and 1~2 times per week in the water bath what the electrode is attached. In case of the treatment with 3~8 times, effect is appeared and there is a maintaining effect for more than 1 month You should not wear metal materials or have any hurt on the part of treatment when treatment. You cannot get a treatment because there is a worries about burn if it is the state that the metal materials are transplanted to the body.

Process of Ion Gel Treatment
  • 1. Soaking the foot and hand for 20 min.
  • 2. Pouring tap water in the water bath where the electrode is attached.
  • It is suitable for the person who is afraid of the surgery Treatment is short with to around 20 min.
  • You should come to help regularly 1~2 times per week.
  • Effect is not permanent so that repetitive treatment is required.
Applicable Area
  • Hand/Sole of the foot/ Axillaray sweats (use the special design device)
  • Required Time: 20~30 minutes
  • Duration: 1~6 months
4. Sympathicotomy

It can prevent sweat from secreting by blocking the corresponding sympathetic nerve because secretion of sweat is effected by the sympathetic nerve.There is the method to block by using clip or incise the sympathetic nerve. Video-assisted thoracoscopic system using in the surgery has the one with 2~10mm thickness, accordingly, 2~10mm sizes scar in the breast is occurred individually in 1~2 areas. Treatment effect is good but it is likely to be occurred compensatory hyperhidrosis what sweat is increasing. The surgery time is about 40 min. after general anesthesia and the surgery and returning to home that day is possible.

Simultaneous Treatment of Hyperhidrosis Osmidrosis

Medicine Therapy

Aluminum chloride ingredient is currently used the most and the medicine which can be used for the treatment of hyerhidrosis is DRICLOR solution in Korea. Apply it in the evening and then wash the next morning as a topical liquid form. Continuous use of topical medicine may cause dermatitis, thus, you must consult with a dermatologist prior to using topical medicine.

Glands Aspiration - Rioset Aspiration / Laser Glands Aspiration

It is the treatment to remove by scratching glands and inserting specially designed metal tube into axillaray. Remove by aspirating remaining glands and using metal aspiration tube at the same time of removing glands placed on the lower dermis and subcutaneous through fluctuation. In addition, there is the treatment making easily remove glands by softening the tissue of the area of surgery with laser after the upgrading of existing glands aspiration.

Treatment Process
  • 1. Check the surgical area Check the location of glands to be removed.
  • 2. Topical anesthesia and laser irradiation Regional anesthesia injecting by tumeseunteu Solution Lase irradiation
  • 3. Glands aspiration Aspirate by scratching glands, after incising the area of surgery with 3mm~5mm
  • 4. Recovery after the surgery Return to home after the bandaging and suture of the area of incision. Unwrap the bandages in 2~3 days and remove stitches.
  • It can have a good effect with 1 time treatment and reoccurrence rate is low.
  • There is little left hurt because around 3~5mm is incised.
  • Prevent burn according to frictional heat the destruction of the tissue of surrounding area because the moving of metal tube is consistent before and after.
  • There is no worries about compensatory hyperhidrosis because only glans is removed, without damaging the nerve.
  • Hospitalization is not required and there is rare difficulty in daily life.

KMH Recommended Tips

  • When the treatment of the area of auxillaray, you should present in the hospital with comfortable and loose clothing. Avoid self-driving after the treatment.
  • Light shower is possible after the next day of the surgery but be careful of not touching water in the area of surgery.
  • Avoid lift heavy objects or raise your arm until stitches are removed after the surgery.
  • Avoid smoking or excessive drinking until the area of surgery is recovered.
  • Prevent inflammation by applying antibiotic ointment or disinfecting the area of surgery by presenting in the hospital after unwrapping bandages.

We can diagnosis whether it’s osmidrosis or not with the state of earwax ?!
There are both the water earwax and dry earwax in the earwax, which the water earwax is wet and the dry earwax falls like flour if he picks his ear.More than 80% of the person with osmidrosis is water earwax. Of course, it is not an absolute base because there is the case of water earwax(1%) even if there is no osmidrosis. Accordingly, it is said that the possibilities of osmidrosis is high when adolescence if the earwax is found at young age person and his parents have osmidrosis, and the state of earwax will not be changed after the surgery.

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