Resourceful archive of medical procedures

  • 1. Anyone having a hematuria (blood urine
  • 2. Anyone having a pain around genitals
  • 3. Anyone having a pain during urination and inconvenience of urine
  • 4. Anyone observing yellow secretion like pus at the end of penis


Urinary tract is the path what urine is being made and descended. Urolithiasis is caused by disorder of urine flow with urolith is being produced in urinary tract so that extreme pain is occurred or it is the diseases indicating renal failure, hydronephrosis and urinary tract infection. As an urinary tract treatment, there are aerotheraphy, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, ureteroscopic stone removal, bladder laxative lithotripsy, laparotomy and etc. Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy among them is the most frequently used.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)

It is the method of discharging naturally by crushing to fine powder within the shortest time the stone in kidney or urinary tract stones and using the destructive power of high-energy shock waves generated through the ESWL(Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy instrument. Surgery or anesthesia are not necessary and the surgery is possible without pain. Normal activities is available in 1 hour after the surgery.
- Treatment Time: 30~40 minutes


Helmaturia is being discharged by mixing an abnormal volume of red blood cell in urine and different from the phenomenon of simple red urine due to the effect of foods or medicine. Helmaturia distinguishing the change of color visually is called micro-helmaturia because it is being seen through only microscope.


Sperm looks dark brown because blood is mixed with sperm and there are some occasions to mix blood into sperm. In case of serious inflammation of prostate or seminal vesicle, it can be occurred and there is an occasion that the blood as per calculus is a cause.

Venereal Disease

Venereal disease means the disease that it spreads through sexual contact between man and man primarily. There are 30 types of venereal disease and each can be occurred by various causes such as bacteria, virus, parasite and etc. As a venereal disease, there are gonorrhea, syphilisis, chlamydia trachomatis, trichomoniasis, acquired immune deficiency and etc.


Hydrocele is the disease what liquid is filling in tunica vagunalis inside the scrotum. Abdominal cavity, in other words, the water of the stomach is descended toward scrotum and then it became hydrocele. Hydocele found in children is produced by descending abdominal dropsy inside the scrotum after connecting both scrotum and abdominal cavity for each other so that and we treats by blocking the passage basically because it reoccurs despite the discharge of water temporarily In case of adult hydrocele, there are many occasions what we don’t know the cause but it can be occurred by complicating disease due to the cause of tumor, injury, epididymitis and testitis.


Method of making narrow the space by occurring the fiber growth of tunica vagunalis after putting tetracycline into hydrocele.

Surgical Therapy

There is a hydrocele resection by cutting tunica vagunalis. In case of simple hydrocele, urgent surgery is not needed unless special complicating disease is accompanied.

Male Infertility

Infertility means the condition which is not giving birth to baby even though couples had a normal sexual intercourse, without contraception for more than 1 year. Infertility due to the pathological factors of male side occupies the one third of total infertility because of the change of working environment and social structure. If the one of the both paths what sperm come out of outside the body or sperm is produced, is being interrupted, it will be an infertility so that the disease or conditions of male infertility cause are very various. Exact diagnosis is needed through basic test (medical history, physical examination and semen examination) and selective test (hormonal test, vasography, ultrasonography, testicular biopsy, genetic testing and etc.).

Acute Epididymitis

This case is spreading through sexual intercourse or causing the inflammation in the epididymis as per pathogens such as escherichia coli. Inflammation of epididymis is occurred by the ascending infection of pathogens on the lower urinary tract mainly but prostate surgery, urethral device insertion and external wound become a cause. In case that infection is serious or systematic symptoms is accompanied, it requires hospitalization and is administrating an appropriate antibiotics for treatment. Acute phase 3~4 days will be needed to be stabilized absolutely and apply cold compression to the diseased part if high fever is found from the patient and apply warm compression to the diseased part if high fever is not found from the patient so that we soothe inflammation process. There are many occasions that analgesics and antipyretics should be administered at the same time and Surgical operation is kept pace with that, as needed.

Acute orchitis

As the case of the occurrence of testis inflammation, the secondary infection is the most of part what infectious disease of other internal organs are infected in the testis along the vas deferends, lymphatic vessel and blood vessel. In addition, there are various urological diseases.

Pre-Marital Medical Examination

It prevents the disease which can happen to adults of marriageable age and is the medical examination specialized by consisting of test items required for the early detection. It is appropriate for the bride before marriage and prevent diseases. It is a good chance to check health for each other by testing symptoms or diseases which can directly influence on pregnancy or childbirth.

KMH Recommended Tips

  • Patients with urinary stones drink plenty of water and it is recommended to increase to drink much water in case of much sweating. If the patient eats foods what calcium or oxalic acid is much contained, incidence rate of calcus can be increased.
  • Sperm in motility should be more than 50%, normal sperm should be more than 30%, number of sperm should be 20 mils. / cc, sperm volume should be more than 2.0cc at the time of ejaculation 1 time, according to the opinion of sperm examination based on WHO.
  • If there is the reduction of motility and number of sperm without any specific cause, you’re supposed to select inner wear ventilated and should not wear inner wear or excessively tight clothing ordinarily.

Recommend Hospital

Adams is an urological clinic specialized in phalloplasty founded by Dr. Mu-Yeon Lee, a renowned specialist in this field who has performed over 4,000 surgeries. He first introduced penile enlargement surgery in Korea in 1995 and presented a penile enlargement surgery using alloderm in 1997.

Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital (SSMH) is a representative medical institute of the Catholic Medical Center which has the largest medical network in Korea with 8 affiliate hospitals and 7 research centers.

YEZAK Urology Clinic opened in 2007 and keeps nationwide branches in Korea. The up-to-date surgical methods and more than 300 surgical cases prove that YEZAK Urology Clinic is serving the world top class male clinic system.