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Lipolysis is the breakdown of lipids and involves the hydrolysis of triglycerides into free fatty acids followed by further degradation into acetyle units by beta oxidation. Accumulation of extra fat is removed from the desired party of body and the process is non-surgical. Lipolysis is the best option for those who are struggling to reduce their body weight by doing exercises, dieting and workout but still seeing no improvement.


Carboxy Therapy

It injects carbon dioxide harmless to human body to improve blood circulation and breaks down fibrous which is trapping fat cells inside with the pressure of carbon dioxide.

  • Those with circulatory disorder
  • Those who have skin with lost elasticity and stretch mark due to childbirth
  • Those who wish to treatment the area which is always exposed
  • Inject delicately programmed bio gas with a needle.
  • Skin tone and elasticity are improved because of bio gas injected underneath the skin. Especially effective for stretch marks after childbirth.
  • Provide the synergy effect if used in conjunction with other localized fat removing treatment. Over 50% of improved effectiveness is expected for combination therapy with mesotherapy, endermology and injection lipolysis.
  • Effective for treatment of peripheral circulation disorder like diabetic ulcers and Buerger’s disease or psoriasis.
  • It may cause light bruises.
  • Women of childbearing age, people with light high blood pressure or diabetes, pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers and children can receive the treatment.

- Required Time : approx. 2-5min. (2-3 times per week)
- Treatment Intervals : Recommended to repeat treatment over 10 time for 1~2 weeks
- Cost : KRW50,000-100,000

KMH Recommended Tips

With diet and exercise, overall weight management is possible but selectively targeting specific areas are difficult. However, injection lipolysis can selectively reduce body fat concentrated in areas like abdomen, thigh or arms, thus having high satisfaction rate. It is a good choice for people who do not want surgery.

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