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It is to perform plastic surgery with the most appropriate form to each individual considering the improvement of sexual feeling and even cosmetic aspects as well as the functional aspect of the perineum with various forms individually. It will also help restore self-confidence by preventing leading to Incontinence as well as frigidity because the contraction and elasticity of vaginal is reduced due to childbirth or aging.

Ideal Candidate for Perineal Rejuvenation

  • Anyone who has problems in labium majus and smegma
  • Anyone who has asymmetrical labium minor and transient hyperplasia
  • Vaginal relaxation
  • Anyone who has hymen restoration surgery and anyone who has congenital malformations
  • Anyone who wants frigidity improvement

Labium Major and Labium Minor Plastic Surgery

It refers to the surgery recovering self-confidence in daily life and sexual life by making prettier the external genitals. Correction of balance and thickness are possible.

Ideal Candidate for Labium Major & Minor Plastic Surgery

  • In case of lots of impact on the pelvic bone during intercourse due to smalness of labiummajus
  • Frequent secretions because the both sides are overlapped due to the hyperdropy of labium minor
  • In case of pain when wearing clothing due to loose labium minor
  • In case of the loss of self-confidence and psychological withrawal due to color and form
  • Accordingly, increased odor and itch and the occurrence of frequent vaginal infection
    (* Laser surgery, skin peeling, minimal pain treatment method, self-fat graft and personalized care are possible.)

Perineal Rejuvenation

It is the surgery to improve these problems due to the occurrence of deviation symptoms in case of sexual intercourse and there are frequent inflammation and urethritis symptoms because the interval both anus and vaginal is getting shorter due to the injury of the pelvic muscles by childbirth injury and changes in appearance.

Ideal Candidate for Perineal Rejuvenation

  • In case of the injury of childbirht and perineal due to gynecological trauma
  • In case of passive change due to scar and changes in appearance
  • In case of frequent vaginitis and urethritis
  • In case of frequent inflammations such as cystitis and women coldness after sexual intercourse because inherently perineal part is short
  • In case of problem in sexual life because penis deviation is frequent when sexual intercourse

Perineal Whitening

It is the treatment to solve psychological withdrawal due to inherent pigmentation, spot and etc. Perineal whitening restore pinky color through laser whitening and peeling. The number of perineal whitening sessions varies depending on the range and degree of pigmentation.

Ideal Candidate for Perineal Whitening

  • In case of the lack of self-confidence because the part of labium majus and labium minor is blak
  • In case of the lack of self-confidence because of the spot of atopic dermititis
  • In case of the lack of self-confidence because the part is blackish by hyperplasia of labium minor

Hymen Restoration

Preventing and reconstruction surgery in case of much stress because such a reasons are known as a the symbol of hymen or structure playing the role which protect Hymen gemotalia inside the vagina or uterus from penetration of dirt or bacteria from the outside.

Ideal Candidate for Hymen Restoration

  • In case of hymen destruction beyond willingness due to strenuous exercise or accident
  • In case of hymen destruction due to unwanted sexual intercourse
  • In case of care of spouse of new start
    (* It can restored with minimal blood stain or laser treatment.)

Post Management of Perineal Rejuvenation

  • After perineal plastic surgery, revisiting for the treatment of disinfection may be required.
  • After Labium minor surgery, sexual intercourse is possible in 2-3 weeks and no activity restrictions after surgery but strenuous exercise is advisable in a week.
  • After the surgery, less pain and swelling and daily life is available due to fast recovery time.
  • After the surgery, sexual feeling does not.
  • After the surgery, avoiding a tight-fitting clothing about 3 weeks is recommended.
  • After the surgery, taking care of strenuous exercise and avoiding direct stimulation acts such as biking, horse riding and masturbation.

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