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The prostate is the one of sex accessory organ making possible reproduction with the seminal vesicle and the testis, and is producing about 1/3 degree in fluidal ingredient of semen. Prostate liquid produced is providing sperm with nutrition and enhancing the ability of fertilization of sperm by increasing the motility of sperm after not making solidify semen ejaculated.

General Indications of Prostate Disease
  • Person having a chills, waist pain, perineal and rectal pain
  • Unbearable urine moment when the urine is feeling a call of nature by feeling the sudden and strong urine
  • Difficulties of frequent urination and urination in urinating more than 8 times a day
  • Acute urinary retention, suddenly the urine is blocked
  • Serious polyuria in the night having a frequent urination in night sleep
  • In case of occurrence of pain during ejaculation
  • In case that the start of urination is slow
  • Urine falls drop by drop after urination or by the end of urination


Prostatitis is an inflammation which occurs in prostate and caused by bacteria introduced through the blood vessel from inflammation originating from in other parts of the body such as cystitis, urethritis and tonsillitis.

Medical Therapy

This is the first treatment method for the most of patients diagnosed by prostatitis. Cost is cheaper than that of other treatment but it takes much time for the medical therapy of prostatitis compared to other diseases. Medical therapy and treatment period will be different depending on the cause and symptom of prostatitis but generally bacterial prostatitis needs 6~8 weeks treatment. In case of bacterial prostatitis, antibiotic therapy is the most effective.

Antioxidant Therapy

Surgical operation is made 2~3 times a week by the Intravenous method with Vitamin C, B1, BS, B6 and B12, GLUTATHIONE, A-Lipoic acid, magnesium and total surgical operation will be 10~20 times. Surgical operation time is about 1 hour.

RF Coagulation of Prostate (TU-RF)

It will be appropriate for the surgical operation of chronic intractable prostatitis and recovers inflammatory body part reaction inside the prostate and reduce pain by giving a change to afferent nerve fibers of prostate causing pain.


Prostatism has the abnormal hyperplasia of prostate so that there is a discharge failure of urine in the bladder exit, accordingly, lower urinary tract symptoms is entirely met.

Medical Therapy

Alpha blockers making relax the muscles of prostate or anti-androgen making reducing the size of prostate are the most frequently used.

Surgical Therapy (hospitalization for 3~10 days)

Alpha blockers making relax the muscles of prostate or anti-androgen making reducing the size of prostate are the most frequently used.

Transurethral resection of prostate

It is performed by being in the hospital because general anesthesia and epidural anesthesia are needed, as the method of removing enlarged prostate tissues by inserting an endoscope through urethra.

Abdominal prostatectomy

It is performed in special cases such as prostatism associated with bladder stone or too much big size of prostate. Not only symptomatic improvement degree is high but also the frequency of occurrence of other complicating diseases such as impotency or retrograde ejaculation is also the highest, with the removal of a prostate by using a surgical knife directly without using an endoscope.

Laser Therapy

Laser is absorbed into inside the prostate with superselection so that there a superior hemostasis efficacy. Day-surgery and day-release from the hospital are possible and normal urination is also possible in 1~2 days after the surgery because the side effects such as the edema of prostate and pain is rare after the surgery.

  • KTP Laser : In case of moderate prostatitis (less than 60g)
  • HPS Laser : In case of big prostate hyperplais (more than 80g)

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the malignant tumor which occurs in prostate.

Radical Prostate Hysterectomy

Its purpose has to make a complete recovery by removing the surrounding organs(seminal vesicle, vas deferends, ampulla and part of bladder neck) and prostate. There are 2 methods, one is the method through the perineal muscles of perioneal and the other is the method through the rear of dentary bone.

Frozen Surgery Method

It used the principals of cell destruction and is the method of destructing with rapidly cryozenic freezing a cancer cell.

Radiation Therapy

It is the method of killing a cancer cell by using high-energy radiation and being used as the purpose of cancer tissue which can remain after the surgery or applied instead of surgery, in the prostate cancer proceeded body partly or early prostate cancer. Generally, it is examined 5 times per week(1 time per day) and requires about 5~6 weeks treatment period

Side effects : Impotence, rectal bleeding, diarrhea, frequent urination, dysuria, depilation, pain, skin redness in the area of examination and general fatigue after radiation therapy

High intensity focused ultrasound:HIFU)

It is the method of destructing a prostate cancer by coagulation necrosis with high intensity focused ultrasound concentrating on the prostate through transrectal from cancer specified in the prostate.

Robot surgery (Da vinci robot)

It is the method of using a robot and can realize just like as the wrist behavior of practitioner under sereoscopic vision so that it makes possible to do the behavior which cannot in the existing laparoscopic surgery.

KMH Recommended Tips

In case of prostate cancer, it is very difficult to diagnose an early signs because there is a special symptom initially so that It is diagnosed with the situation proceeded already considerably by 3/2. At this time, the patient can appeal his or her pain of the area due to the transition of cancer cell to the spine or bone. In case that cancer tumour is getting bigger, there is symptom for the patient to urinate with difficulties such as a prostate hyperplasia.

  • Avoid spicy and salty foods.
  • Reduce a caffeine intake such as coffee.
  • Alcoholic drinks make worse the symptom of prostatitis.
  • Animal fat in meat is not good for the prostate disease.
  • Greenish yellow vegetable and green tea such as tomato, cranberry juice and etc. are recommended
  • Pain can be relieved if you give a massage after finding tender pointer.

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The National Cancer Center (NCC) strives to improve national health and welfare by reducing the incidence and mortality of cancer through research, patient care, education & training, and support for the national cancer control programs. Nationl Cancer Center has fine accessibility from Inche

International Healthcare Center (IHC) at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH)  provides One-Stop Service (consultation appointments, payments, examinations, and prescribed medication) to all foreign patients.

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