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We define infertility when the impossibilities of pregnancy even if the normal sexual intercourse of couples with no contraception have continued for 1 year. Proper treatment must be followed after grasping the cause in order to treat infertility. It can be diagnosed as infertility if there is a problem in the one of the entire stages from the occurrence of sex cell of male or female to the fertilization of both sperm and egg cell, development of embryonic fertilized and implantation inside the womb of embryonic.

Fertility treatment is recommended when:
  • There has not been normal pregnancy even once
  • Experiencing frequent miscarriage despite normal pregnancy

Cause of Infertility

Female Infertility

The cause of female infertility varies and the treatment can be complicated compared to male infertility.

Sexual Disorders

Vaginal stenosis, of neurological vajinismus of external genitals, hymen atresia, vagina Atresia, vagina defect, uterine cancer and etc.

Ovulation Disorders

In case of ovulation disorders occurred by the release of egg cell with the destruction of follicles in ovary, among all infertility causes, it is the easiest to diagnose and treatment and occupy 30~40% of female infertility cause. It corresponds to this, in case that there is an ovulatory menstrual cycle due to central nervous system disorders, ovarian dysfunction and metabolism disorders

Tubal Obstruction

Tubal transports egg cell and get it in the tubal lumen and provides the fertilization place of both sperm and egg cell, egg cell fertilized makes move inside the womb. If there is a problem in the one part of these, it is a possibilities to be an infertility.

Uterine Corpus Disorders

Womb is the area of making grow it after implanting the egg cell fertilized and accepting sperm, accordingly, it is the important area. In case that there is a problem here, it is a big possibilities to be an infertility.

Cervical Disorders

Cervical has many mucous glands and secretes the cervical mucous. If the characteristic of cervical mucous is changed by inflammation, it can be a cause of infertility.

Male Infertility

Male infertility care is more simple than that of female. It is the principal to examine firstly because it can be judged the disorders in the short term.

Disease History

Rectification testicles, testicular torsion, herinotomy, diabetes and hypertension treatment


Smoking, drinking, exposure to high temperature of the scrotum, radiation, insecticide, agricultural chemicals, steroid

Other cause

Sexual disorders, sperm production disorders, sperm passage disorders, in case that the seminal duct is closed,in case of the disorders of sperm production inside the testis.

Infertility Checkup

1) Women’s Infertility examination
  • Basic test (Urinalysis, general blood test and etc.)
  • Drawing up basic fever chart
  • Hormones test
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Endometrial cervical examination
  • Peritoneoscopy
  • Ovulation tests according to ultrasonic.
    (Tests item can be different depending on hospitals.)
2) Men’s Infertility Examination

In case of men, it can be evaluated with the fertility ability by sperm tests firstly. Men can get an urologic examination and treatment for the detection of cause in detail.

3) Antisperm Antibody Examination

Examination of antibody of sperm by using the both serum of women and sperm of men.

Infertility Treatment

There are surgical correction and endocrine control with medicine, ovulation induction, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and etc.

Surgical correction of uterine and tubal factor

In case of infertility due to adhesions around the uterus and the fallopian tube, it is to correct through surgery and to remove the infertility factor and then to induce pregnancy.

Endocrine control with medicine

In case that the secretion degradation of reproductive hormones and thyroid hormone affect the function of the ovary. Method of improving the secretion of hormones through the treatment of medication and activating ovarian function.

Ovulation induction

If irregular ovulation or anovulation, it is the treatment of making grow egg cell by intaking or injecting the hormones of follicle stimulating and then increase pregnancy probability controlling time, work and couples sexual intercourse by seeing the ultrasonic within 3~5 days since menstruation period is started.

Artificial insemination

It is the method putting sperm treated into the uterus suited to ovulation day.

In vitro fertilization

It is the method of putting fertilized egg into the uterus and horn of external fertilization and oocyte pick-up after the superovulation by injection

KMH Recommended Tips

  • Always warm your belly, and one day more than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is performed.
  • In-taking mainly boiled rice and cereals and vegetables, avoiding instant and fatty foods is recommended.
  • Releasing stress with own hobby is recommended.
  • It is good to facilitate the circulation of blood through half bath or ice and contrast, avoiding obesity and weight control is required.
  • Refrain from excessive sex and the abstinence of life habit in order not to overwork is required.
  • Beware of excessive drinking, avoid instant and wheat foods, the habits of eating grain and vegetable based foods is recommended.
  • Wearing a well-ventilated underwear and continuous aerobic exercise is good for body.

Recommend Hospital

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