Today is a winner announcement day for Starbuck coffee e-gift cards! There are 3 people to get them. To select winners randomly, I used a ladder game program (사다리게임). Please check the results here. :D 3 winners will get the e-gift by text message or email this week.  Again, thank you so much for all your comment and encouragement! Your ideas and experience will definitely be the basement that hep Korea Medical Hub build better medical service for expat and visiters in Korea. We are always open to your advice after this event. :D Between 25 and 29 June, I've got 14 comments but 3 of them didn't joint this ladder game becuase I didn't get their contact info. So, it was 11 people joing this competition. Participants (from Left to Right) 1. Daniel- Pink 2. Jayleen Y- Red 3. Maria- Yellow 4. Neha Jangam- Brown 5. Abbi Sauro- Purple 6. Michael Walker- White 7. Jennifer Chough- Bright Green 8. Amber Buysman- Blue 9. Josh Damon-Sky blue 10. Kalama Kaholo- Dark Green 11. Carmen Chow- Blue-Green Click to watch the full video Congratulations! Winners are;  "Josh Damon" "Jennifer Chough" "Abbi Sauro"

Did you notice that Daum Kakaotalk messenger's got updated and featured a new funtion? It is '#검색' (#Search). Should I read it like Hashtag Search? Alright, sounds good!  Let's see how to use Hash Search function on Kakaotalk.  Step 1: Notice the '#' on a chatting box, if you can't, update it. Step 2: Click the Hash and then type words Step3: You can see search results. It's like card slides. Dictionary.... Webpages..... Some useful websites... Current News! Even smartphone applications! I Wowed at this point! This sharebutton is sending the result to your current chatting box. You can let your friends know new words or trend.   Just one quick idea on it, I don't think the search results are collected from but Thank you for reading my howto posting and hope you use this funtion useful! :D Share my posting if it's helful life hack.

Hello, I am Jane. Here is a shocking news to everyone or only to me. Anyway, Public transporation fare rises tomorrow, June 27 2015. Personally, I am not that happy with the increased rate because the fare for metro and bus soared up way higher than ever! The metro and bus company offer 'Early Morning Discount' for citizens. Please check it out. I have one questions though, do you usually take the bus or subway before 6:30 am? I am not the one ever ever!!!!   The main problem behind this fare rise, there was not enough clear reasons to raise it and the consensus between citizen and bus/subway company were not matched at all. They just hurried to finalized the metro/bus fare. You can check an image showing how much rises. Also, please share this infographic with your friends then my web designer Jack will be happy. Haha Thanks.   Early Morning Discount Fare Seoul/Incheon Subway, All the Seoul Bus, Red G-Bus First run bus/subway~06:30am 20% discount when using a traffic card This early morning discount will be applied to the other G-bus and Incheon city bus. (Latest Image Update: 2015 June 29)   Source English: English: Korean: Korean: Korean: Korean: Korean: