Hello, my Facebook friends and new comers to my blog! I am Jane Jang, who posted lots of MERS outbreak related news for expat friends in Korea. I thanked you all who encouraged me so much.  As MERS Outbreak spreads, I realized that there are many complaints on Korean Government or medical system spoken by both Koreans and expats in Korea. As a Korean who works in medical field here, I think I need you guys' idea to help make things better for everyone's safety and health. So, I would like to open this posting and received your opinion. Please comment your opinion to any of these questions. It's going to be really appreciated if you could tell me where you are from.   What's the biggest different medical culture between S.Korea and your country? What's your first action to take when you need to see a doctor in Korea? What's your source to get the most credible medical info. in Korea? Have you ever experienced bad medical service in Korea? If so, could you please share it with us? What's the weakness of Korean medical system or medical staff? After commenting, don't forget to send me your "name & cell phone number" or "name & email address" so that I can send you this Starbucks E-Gift card (10,000KRW) to you! I will randomly pick up 3 people. Email: hello@kmhglobal.com     (sample image)   (sample image) It seems like we are doing an Online 'Non-Summit' program being aired on JTBC. Hahaha    Hope there will be lots of ideas shared! Your comments change Korea better for everyone. Once again! after commenting, don't forget to send me your "name & cell phone number" or "name & email address"