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Bimaxillary(orthognathic) Surgery in Korea, Chung-Ang University Hospital

Chung-Ang University Hospital, Only Expert in Bimaxillary(orthognathic) Surgery in Korea
When it comes to choose a hospital or a clinic for bimaxillary (orthognathic) surgery, SAFETY is the most important matter you should consider as it aims to correct dysfunctions while improving aesthetic beauty.


Strength 1) Safety

  • ZERO incidence of death
  • Highest ranking for Korea Emergency
  • ZERO incidence of death

Strength 2) Professors in direct charge of surgery & Anesthesiologist

  • Not every one is allowed to perform your surgery but the CAU Hospital’s excellent professors and profoundly experienced anesthesiologists.
  • Multidisciplinary Cure & Care System among units of oral faciomaxillary surgery, plastic surgery, orthodontics, ENT, and anesthesiology unit.

Strength 3) Patient-oriented Care

  • A coordinator supports your successful trip to the CAU Hospital as soon as you arrive to the airport.
  • After discharged, you can still stay in the CAU’s Guest House and receive more convenient post-op cares.
  • Based on your religion and taste, customized meal will be served.