Neo Plastic Surgery is specialized in orthognathic surgery, facial rejuvenation for past 11 years in Seoul, Korea. Neo Plastic Surgery has gained reputation for revisional and complex surgeries through extensive clinical experience and technical know-how.

Since 1998, when the JK Plastic Surgery Center was established, JK Plastic Surgery Center has earned a reputation as the best plastic surgery center through its results and customer satisfaction. Through its 15 years in operation, JK has not had a single medical accident.

ID Hospital is the best plastic surgery hospital for face in Asian countries. ID Hospital is the very first hospital which performed orthognathic surgery at a private plastic surgery hospital in the country. Prior to this, Orthognathic surgery was performed only at general hospitals.

THE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology provides professional treatment through five specialized centers such as Facial Contouring, Mammoplasty, Body Contouring, Anti- Aging, and Skincare Centers since its opening in 2002.

  Chung-Ang University Hospital, Only Expert in Bimaxillary(orthognathic) Surgery in Korea When it comes to choose a hospital or a clinic for bimaxillary (orthognathic) surgery, SAFETY is the most important matter you should consider as it aims to correct dysfunctions while improving aesthetic beauty. ▶CHECK POINT◀ Strength 1) Safety ZERO incidence of death Highest ranking for Korea Emergency ZERO incidence of death Strength 2) Professors in direct charge of surgery & Anesthesiologist Not every one is allowed to perform your surgery but the CAU Hospital’s excellent professors and profoundly experienced anesthesiologists. Multidisciplinary Cure & Care System among units of oral faciomaxillary surgery, plastic surgery, orthodontics, ENT, and anesthesiology unit. Strength 3) Patient-oriented Care A coordinator supports your successful trip to the CAU Hospital as soon as you arrive to the airport. After discharged, you can still stay in the CAU’s Guest House and receive more convenient post-op cares. Based on your religion and taste, customized meal will be served.