Hello, I am Jane. Here is a shocking news to everyone or only to me. Anyway, Public transporation fare rises tomorrow, June 27 2015. Personally, I am not that happy with the increased rate because the fare for metro and bus soared up way higher than ever! The metro and bus company offer 'Early Morning Discount' for citizens. Please check it out. I have one questions though, do you usually take the bus or subway before 6:30 am? I am not the one ever ever!!!!   The main problem behind this fare rise, there was not enough clear reasons to raise it and the consensus between citizen and bus/subway company were not matched at all. They just hurried to finalized the metro/bus fare. You can check an image showing how much rises. Also, please share this infographic with your friends then my web designer Jack will be happy. Haha Thanks.   Early Morning Discount Fare Seoul/Incheon Subway, All the Seoul Bus, Red G-Bus First run bus/subway~06:30am 20% discount when using a traffic card This early morning discount will be applied to the other G-bus and Incheon city bus. (Latest Image Update: 2015 June 29)   Source English: http://koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2015/04/113_178029.html English: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150618000973 Korean: http://www.viva100.com/main/view.php?key=20150416010002673 Korean: http://view.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2015062611094601164 Korean: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?oid=001&sid1=103&aid=0007687788&mid=shm&mode=LSD&nh=20150626104640 Korean: http://www.seoul.go.kr/main/index.html Korean: http://map.daum.net/pubtrans/payinfo/buspay_kyunggi.html

A shocking news to Anyang Citizen!   Anyang City, located around 15km away from Seoul, announced its first MERS patient on June 19. According to Anyang City, a 63-year old man who resides in Hogye-dong, Yangsan-si, was diagnosed with Mers virus yesterday and he is the latest MERS-diagnosed person, th 166th case in Korea.   The authority said that he was likely infected to MERS CoV while he was looking after his wife in the Samsung Medical Center. Currently, he is being isolated and treated in the Suwon National Medical Center. In orderto prevent MERS spread in Anyang-si, The 24-hour Emergency System has set up under Mayor Lee, Pil-Un's lead(이필운 안양시장).   As of today, Mers-confirmed cases are 166, the dead are 24, and 5,930 number of people are under quarantine. Original article: http://www.hankyung.com/news/app/newsview.php?aid=2015061904857 (Latest update: 2015-06-19-17:09) Notice: I translated this original article in Korean to English. However, I am not a professional reporter or translator so my English article may not be accurate as much as the original Korean article is. Hope you understand this.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Monitoring Board Updated on 2015 July 21 (AM 09:00)  5 Under Quarantine 186 Confirmed Case 36 Dead 16,688 Finished Quarantine  136 Discharged Datamap for MERS Spread  Update: 2015 July 21 It decribes MERS-diagnosed patients' moving routes and MERS outbreaked facilities. MERS Reporting Websites in South Korea These are some useful websites that show statistics on MERS, patient profiles, and interactive datamaps. They are all in Korean though. If you have any question while reading any of them, comment on this posting. I will answer to your comment as far as I know. Thanks! Health and Medical Industry Labor Union(보건의료노조): http://bogun.nodong.org/xe/index.php?mid=khmwu_5_7&document_srl=334372 Seoul City MERS Visualdive (서울시 메르스 상황판): http://issue.visualdive.co.kr/mers/ KBS MERS infection information (kbs 메르스 감염 현황): http://dj.kbs.co.kr/resources/2015-06-08/ MERS Center (메르스 센터): http://mers.center/ Merscorona.com (메르스 코로나 닷컴): http://merscorona.com/ Korean Government MERS Portal Site (정부 메르스 포털): http://www.mers.go.kr/ *Source for map & MERS monitoring board: The Central MERS-CoV Control Office of the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Download the list of hospitals with known MERS exposure. June, 11) Find the attached pdf. file. You can read more English articles released from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Korea at www.mers.go.kr  

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