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A shocking news to Anyang Citizen!   Anyang City, located around 15km away from Seoul, announced its first MERS patient on June 19. According to Anyang City, a 63-year old man who resides in Hogye-dong, Yangsan-si, was diagnosed with Mers virus yesterday and he is the latest MERS-diagnosed person, th 166th case in Korea.   The authority said that he was likely infected to MERS CoV while he was looking after his wife in the Samsung Medical Center. Currently, he is being isolated and treated in the Suwon National Medical Center. In orderto prevent MERS spread in Anyang-si, The 24-hour Emergency System has set up under Mayor Lee, Pil-Un's lead(이필운 안양시장).   As of today, Mers-confirmed cases are 166, the dead are 24, and 5,930 number of people are under quarantine. Original article: http://www.hankyung.com/news/app/newsview.php?aid=2015061904857 (Latest update: 2015-06-19-17:09) Notice: I translated this original article in Korean to English. However, I am not a professional reporter or translator so my English article may not be accurate as much as the original Korean article is. Hope you understand this.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Monitoring Board Updated on 2015 July 21 (AM 09:00)  5 Under Quarantine 186 Confirmed Case 36 Dead 16,688 Finished Quarantine  136 Discharged Datamap for MERS Spread  Update: 2015 July 21 It decribes MERS-diagnosed patients' moving routes and MERS outbreaked facilities. MERS Reporting Websites in South Korea These are some useful websites that show statistics on MERS, patient profiles, and interactive datamaps. They are all in Korean though. If you have any question while reading any of them, comment on this posting. I will answer to your comment as far as I know. Thanks! Health and Medical Industry Labor Union(보건의료노조): http://bogun.nodong.org/xe/index.php?mid=khmwu_5_7&document_srl=334372 Seoul City MERS Visualdive (서울시 메르스 상황판): http://issue.visualdive.co.kr/mers/ KBS MERS infection information (kbs 메르스 감염 현황): http://dj.kbs.co.kr/resources/2015-06-08/ MERS Center (메르스 센터): http://mers.center/ Merscorona.com (메르스 코로나 닷컴): http://merscorona.com/ Korean Government MERS Portal Site (정부 메르스 포털): http://www.mers.go.kr/ *Source for map & MERS monitoring board: The Central MERS-CoV Control Office of the Ministry of Health and Welfare

  MERS virus outbreak in Daegu was reported on June 16. According to the Daegu city authority, a 52 year-old man had fever and his specimen was examined two times by Daegu Research Institute of Public Health & Environment and Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Both results out of these facilities said positive to MERS-CoV.   This guy took a rest at home due to the chills but visited a public bathhouse around his town on 13 June. It was 15 June when he visited the public health center. Currently, he is now under isolation with negative pressured room in the Daegu Medical Center.   Despite of his MERS infection, his wife (47) and son (16) have received negative response to the first MERS diagnostic exam and they are now self-quarantined. However, his sister was diagnosed with MERS infection on 10 June, who has visited their mother in the 2nd ER of the Seoul Samsung Center (Irwon-dong, Gangnam).   To make matters worse, it turned out that he was working at his company and had dinner with his colleagues until he was diagnosed with MERS virus. Therefore, 50 group of people who have ever contacted with him are now under quarantine. Also, Daegu city ordered the community center where was worked for closed and reinforced investigating his moving route and monitoring the contacted citizen.   In total, 3 MERS-infected people in Daegu are isolated and treated for MERS infection. Notice: I translated this original article in Korean to English. However, I am not a professional reporter or translator so my English article may not be accurate as much as the original Korean article is. Hope you understand this. Original article from Yonhap News (대구도 뚫렸다, 50대 공무원 메르스 첫 확진 Latest Update 2015-June-16 06:42)  

July 21th, 36 Dead in total, Death rate 19.4% (Keep updated) Case 6 (71 years old, Male, COPD, Post-nephrectomy, June 2) Case 25 (57 years old, Female, Asthma, Hypertension, Cushing's syndrome, June 2) Case 36 (82 years old, Male, Asthma, Hypertension, June 3) Case 3 (76 years old, Male, Cholangioma, Asthma, COPD etc, June 4) Case 64 (75 years old, Male, End stage of gastric cancer, June 5) Case 84 (80 years old, Male, Pneumonia, June 8) Case 47 (68 years old, Female, Valvular disease, June 9) Case 90 (62 years old, Male, Cirrhosis, Liver cancer, June 10) Case 76 (75 years old, Female, Multiple myeloma, June 10) Case 83 (65 years old, Male, Lung cancer, June 11) Case 51 (72 years old, Female, Pneumonia, Acute renal failure, June 12) Case 23 (73 years old, Male, Asthma, COPD, June 12 ) Case 24 (78 years old, Male, Asthma, Hypertension, June 12) Case 118 (67 years old, Female, Hyperthyroidism, Hypertension, June 13) Case 81 (61 years old, Male, no underlying disease but cause of death was pneumonia, June 14, *The first MERS diagnosed patient in Busan) Case 28 (58 years old, Male, Diabetes, June 14) Case 38 (49 years old, Male, June 16, Admitted to Daejeon Daecheong Hospital and shared a room with Case 16) Case 98 (58 yeasr old, Male, June 16, Admitted to Samsung Medical Center ER) Case 123 (65 years old, Male, June 16, Admitted to Samsung Medical Centar ER) Case 42 (54 years old, Female, Hypertension, Bronchiectasis, June 17) Case 31 (69 years old, Male, Hypertension, Tuberculosis, June 17) Case 77 (64 years old, Male, Hypertension, Asthma, Nec,rotiz,ing panc,reatitis, June 18) Case 82 (83 years old, Female, Hypertension, Pneumonia, June 18) Case 120 (75 years old, Male, no underlying diseases but the authority insisted that his age matters., June 19) Case 112 (63 years old, Male, Myocardial ischemia, Diabetes, June 21) Case 101 (84 years old, Male, Cancer, June 21) Case 128 (87 years old, Male, Atrial fibrillation, heart failure, cancer, stroke, June 22) Case 45 (65 years old, Male, no underlying diseases, June 24) Case 173 (70 years old, Female, no underlying disease, June 24) Case 87 (79 years old, Female, Diabetes, Cerebral infarction, June 26 ) Case 140 (80 years old, Female, Bladder cancer, June 26, She was the sister of case 154, the first Mers patient in Daegu) Case 104 (55 years old, Male, no underlying disease, June 27, Admitted to Samsung Medical Center ER and contaminated by Case 14) Case 50 (81 years old, Femle, Hypertension, Cerebral infarction, Valvular heart disease, June 29) Case 177 (50 years old, Female, Tuberculosis, July 7, she was admitted to the Samsung Medical Center ER between My 27~29.) Case 133 (70 years old, Male, no underlying disese, July 8, He was an ambulance driver who transferred Patient Case 76 (dead June 10) ) Case 157 (60 years old, Male, Lung cancer, July 10, He'd been admitted to SMC Emergency Room.) *RIP ▶◀ *Original source: http://bogun.nodong.org/xe/index.php?mid=khmwu_5_7&document_srl=334372 (Sorry but it is writen in Korean :( )

Download the list of hospitals with known MERS exposure. June, 11) Find the attached pdf. file. You can read more English articles released from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Korea at www.mers.go.kr  

The Korean government will designate hospitals for both inpatients and outpatients with severe respiratory symptoms, including fever and cough, in order to address public anxiety and prevent infections within hospitals. The Korea-WHO Joint Mission recommended that “strong consideration should be given to re-opening schools, as schools have not been linked to transmission of MERS-CoV in the Republic of Korea or elsewhere.” Pdf download MERS Outbreak Korea Press Release Summary (June 11,2015) The central MERS response HQ instructed provincial governments to organize a publicprivate immediate response team that includes experts from the private sector. This team is tasked to contain the spread of MERS in specific hospitals by facilitating the implementation of response measures on the ground. If those under house quarantine fail to answer calls twice, they will be visited by public health center officials. Police officers may accompany these health officials, if necessary.  #109(female, 39, pregnant) tested positive for MERS-CoV, but she is in a stable condition. Symptomatic treatment is crucial since antibiotics cannot be administered to a pregnant woman. MOHW will provide all necessary support to treat the patient and ensure the safe delivery of the child. 

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