Say goodbye to baldness, Hello to new hair! Are you looking for the best solution for thinning hair, M type hair loss, or baldness? Korea Medical Hub offers 20% off on FUT/FUE hair transplant surgery+PRP treatment. It's going competitive to fix the surgery date for hair transplant due to summer holiday season. Please contact and secure operation date during your vacation. Dr. Choi and Dr. Mun are doing their best to offer you the best surgical performance until your newly transplanted hair grow back beautifully. :D Let me briefly talk about Dr. Choi and Dr. Mun now. ABHRS certified surgeon Dr. Choi, Jong Pil and Dr. Mun will perform the Follicle Unit Extraction(FUT) or Follicle Unit Strip Harvesting(FUE) hair restoration for each person's diagnosis. (Go to the details on the Location, Surgery info, and Academic works of Dr. Choi.) Couldn't find the better quality at this affordable price in Seoul, Korea. Please contact right now. Consult with us, Korea Medical Hub +82-70-8128-6334 / / / Look at the JP's Before & After Photos Special Cost for Follicle Unit Transplant/Follicle Unit Extraction Latest updated on 4 MAR 2016 Hair FUT FUE 1000 hair $2,589 $3,100 2000 hair $3,619 $4,649 3000 hair $4,649 $6,719 4000 hair $5,689 $8,779 Reasons to choose Hair Transplant Surgery in Korea Best Quality at Affordable Price Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) Treatment for Free 1 Day Procedure Undetectable Linear Scar Permanent Hair Growth Experienced Surgeon for International Patients Natural Looking Hair Transplant Get Your Look Back Satisfactory Results ONLY 3 Days for Hair Restoration Surgery in Korea Day 1: Consultation Surgery Day 2: Shampooing Disinfection Day 3: Going back home Warm Greetings for Patients in the World Consult with us, Korea Medical Hub +82-70-4320-2202 / / Please note that there will be 10% of V.A.T added to the total cost if payment is made in credit card.