Korea Medical Hub Promises 3 Benefits! 1. The LOWEST price 2. Assurance of the HIGHEST satisfaction 3. VIP management for every single customer Korea Medical Hub supports everyone for this super confident summer vacation! Travel to Korea with Korea Medical Hub, YAY :D Your Beauty Travel Guide, Jane Jang, hello@kmhglobal.com Mobile+82-2-519-8021 Whatsapp, LINE, Kakaotalk available KOREAN Botox Special Korea Medical Hub Secured the LOWEST Cost for Botox in Korea! It will waste your time looking for the lower one than KMH's. Crow's feet (eye wrinkles) 170 USD Forehead (between eyebrows) 170 USD Squared jaw (angles) 310 USD KOREAN Dermal Filler Collection Special Nose bridge, Chin augmentation, Nasolabial folds, Cheek augmentation, Lip enhancement, Forehead, Glabella area, Tear-trough area, Jowls, etc. CUTEGEL 439 USD/1cc Lasting for 12~18 months YVOIRE 489 USD/1cc Lasting for 12~18 months Licol 529 USD/1cc Lasting for 3 years RESTYLANE 709 USD/1cc Lasting for 12~24 months Artefill 1,159 USD/1cc Lasting for 10 years KMH's Special Pick! Are you dizzy and tired of searching for the best dermal filler for yourself? Here are the quick comparison by price and lasting period! The most famous dermal filler and the lowest price ever in Korea, RESTYLANE (718 USD/1cc) Lasting longest ever, Artefill is the best one.            (10 years, 1,169 USD/1cc) Lasting longer than other but pretty cheaper, Licol is the right for you. (3 years, 537 USD/1cc)

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