‘AQUA Filling Filler’ lasts 4 times longer than the general filler products and is known that it can last for 8 years. It is safer than breast implants surgery to have AQUA Filling Filler injected as it does not require general anesthesia. Customers are able to last 2 cups bigger breasts for a long time. Also, it features non-migration, naturalism, and volume. If the AQUA Filling Filler is to be removed, it can be safely removed by using normal saline solution because it is water-soluble.

AQUA Filling Filler gives you short operation time, accuracy, and refined results, which prevent post-op bleeding, pain, or side effects. If you feel afraid to have implants’ texture or shape, AQUA Filling Filler will be the better alternative due to the following advantages.

  1. Natural texture and shape
  2. 98% of normal saline ingredients
  3. 30 minutes of procedure
  4. Rarely swelling
  5. Fast recovery to daily activities
  6. Injection to specific site the breasts
  7. Cost effective
  8. Unlimited sessions of filler injection
  9. High satisfaction