Did you notice that Daum Kakaotalk messenger's got updated and featured a new funtion? It is '#검색' (#Search). Should I read it like Hashtag Search? Alright, sounds good!  Let's see how to use Hash Search function on Kakaotalk.  Step 1: Notice the '#' on a chatting box, if you can't, update it. Step 2: Click the Hash and then type words Step3: You can see search results. It's like card slides. Dictionary.... Webpages..... Some useful websites... Current News! Even smartphone applications! I Wowed at this point! This sharebutton is sending the result to your current chatting box. You can let your friends know new words or trend.   Just one quick idea on it, I don't think the search results are collected from Google.com but Daum.net Thank you for reading my howto posting and hope you use this funtion useful! :D Share my posting if it's helful life hack.