RAPHA Medience Orthopedic Surgery

Bow Legs, Short Stature, Dwarfism, Achondrogenesis, Limb Lengthening, Deformity Correction, Prolotherapy (Arthritis, Ligament Damage, Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear, A Herniated Cervic



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    • Expert in brachydactylia and bow legs
    • Specializing in Prolotherapy

You can obviously made efforts to provide a second surgical repair and rehabilitation of 25 years and has specialized for many people, including dwarfism, limb deformities, Short toes and fingers, bow legs RaPha Medience orthopedic surgeons. In addition, the hospital specialized in surgery, yet without surgery, such as severe disc, spinal stenosis, arthritis, cartilage tear, frozen shoulder, shoulder rotator cuff tear, ligament rupture Prollo joint treatment and recovery through you. Accordingly, such patients may reduce the time, effort, social costs, and get away from the risk of complications due to surgery complications.

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위 손님을 아래의 주소로 모셔다 주십시오.
서울시 강남구 신사동 592-2 라파메디앙스 정형외과
(지하철 3호선 압구정역 3번출구에서 150미터 정도 직진하면, 라파메디앙스 정형외과 건물이 있습니다.)

592-2 Rapha Medience B.D.,SinSa-Dong,GangNam-Gu,Seoul
<Gang Suh direction (Iil san, Kimpo directoin)>
Take the 88 road and come all the way until you see the trip of the Dong Ho Bridge. Turn right to the Apgujeong station direction then come straight. On the third light, you will see the Rapha Medience on the left side. Take the U-Turn and come to the Rapha Medience parking tower.
<Gang Book direction>
At the tip of the Dong Boo Gan Sun road, 88 road, Sung Soo Bridge, come into the Apgujeong station direction take the right. Take the left under the Dong Ho bridge and take the 1st lane and on the 2nd light you will see the Rapha Medience Hospital on the left. Take the U-Turn and come to the parking tower.
<Non Hyun-Dong and Yeok Sam-Dong direction>
Come to Dong Ho bridge direction and pass the Ho Mart intersection and you will see the Rapha Medience Hospital across the Kok Min bank. In the middle of the Donh Ho Bridge end area, take the U-Turn and come to the parking tower.

Apgujeong Station (Line 3): Exit #3, go straight about 150M from the exit 3.

<Inchon / Kimpo airport> At the Inchon airport, take the limousine bus 606 and get off at Apgujeong station. It takes about one hour and half.