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    • Cochlear implantation clinic
    • Excellent at facial bone surgery, face lift
    • Individualized health check-up programs

Kangbuk Samsung Hospital opened on November 2, 1968 with anticipation to become the high quality medical institution to contribute towards betterment of Korean public health. Currently, there are 700 patient beds, 32 departments, 5 Specialized Care Units, and 144 clinics. KBSMC has about 2,000 employees, including 433 doctors and 648 nurses. List of advanced medical equipment includes; RapidArc, the latest high-tech cancer 4D radiation therapy; PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography), the most advanced cancer detecting equipment; MRI/MRA that can detect any tumor, infarction, and aneurysm including brain; MD-CT that can accurately detect tumors that are less than 1cm in the lungs, pancreas, liver, kidny and gall bladder. KBSMC utilizes digital medical record system such as OPS, PACS, EMR for faster delivery of patient information to and from hospital staffs. KBSMC has Korea‘s most advanced health screening center, the largest diabetes center, breast cancer & thyroid cancer center, providing futuristic medical services. The medical research partnership between KBSMC and John Hopkins Hospital of Baltimore, MA in USA represents a new global medical research model. In 2012, the Ministry of Health and Welfare affiliated institutions chose Kangbuk Samsung Medical Center as the best hospital for cancer-related operations with the lowest mortality rate.

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Seodamun Station Exit # 4 (Line #5)
City Hall Station Exit # 2 ( Line #2)
Dongnimmun Station Exit # 2 (Line 3)


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