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    • JCI Re-accreditation (2010, 2013)
    • Multidisciplinary approach treatment for cancer patients
    • 4th generation of Cyberknife

As one of leading hospitals in Asia, Inha university Hospital is committed to provide customers with high quality medical services using the latest state-of-the-art medical equipments. The Inha University Hospital was accredited for all fields of the hospital by JCI on July 21,2010. Noticeably, the medical center at the Incheon International Airport was the first one in the world to be accredited by JCI. As a result, the medical center at the Airport was found to meet the international health care quality standards including safety for patient care and organization management. As the nearest tertiary hospital from the Airport, it is conveniently located and easily accessible for international patients. The hospital continues to improve its quality of medical care by utilizing the most advanced medical equipments such as RapidArc, Robotic Cyber Knife, Spec-CT, PET-CT, MD-CT and Magnetic Resonance Imager, etc.

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인천시 중구 신흥동 3가 7-206 인하대학교병원
Take a taxi at Jemulpo/Dong-Incheon Station. The fare will be about \3,000 won to the hospital from the station. 

Internation Healthcare Center 7-206, 3rd Street, Sinheung-dong, Ung-gu, Incheon

<Line 1> Jemulpo / Dong-Incheon Station. 

#3, #12, #14, #16, #24, #28, #33, #36, #64
#517, #519, #521, #1600, #1601, #9100 
<Urban bus> Jemulpo station on Line 1 (#33), Dong-Incheon station on Line 1 (#3, 12, 24, 28-1) 
<Town bus> Dong-Incheon station on Line 1 (#517, 519, 521) 
- #1600, 1601 : Hapjeong, Sinshon, Seoul station ↔ Inha univ. hospital
- #9100 : Seocho, Kangnam, Yanjae station ↔ Inha univ. hospital