Gangnam Severance Hospital

3 Specialty Hospitals: Cancer Hospital, Spine Hospital, DentalHospital / 5 Specialty Centers: Endocrinology and Diabetes Center, Cerebrovascular Center, Health Promotion Center, Heart Center, Emerg



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    • JCI Re-accreditation (2007, 2010)
    • Built Korean systemized health check-up center in Kazakhstan
    • Excellent at TMJ treatment & orthognathic surgeries

With the love of God, free humankind from disease and suffering Yonsei University Health System was founded in 1885 as Korea's first institution to practice western medicine. Over the years, YUHS has become one of the largest and leading medical institutions in Korea. As a branch of YUHS, Gangnam Severance Hospital was established in 1983 and plays an important role as a leader in education, research, and clinical excellence. Also, through active partnerships with various international organizations, we are striving to provide the highest quality service to international patients - accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2010. There are no borders in the medical services provided by the Gangnam Severance. The hospital guides patients from abroad through examinations, treatment and care in a convenient and speedy manner with interpretation service and the International Health Care Center, which supports the treatment process and ensures comfort for foreign patients. Smooth communication along with speedy examinations and treatment are a requisite for patients from abroad. The Gangnam Severance Hospital has established a system to help overseas patients get through treatment procedures as quickly as possible and has been running the International Health Care Center to provide an array of convenient services. 

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서울시 강남구 언주로 211

211 Enjuro, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea
-Southern Beltway : Yangjae → Maebong or left when you come out the tunnel, turn left → Maebong
-Seoul,Gangbook → Dongho Bridge : Continue straight through and then Yeoksam 1 ㎞ straight → Turn left at the National Agricultural Cooperative Intersection
-Olympic Boulevard : Continue straight after the bridge fell into holy water → Customs → Renaissance Hotel → Maebong tunnel
-Gangnam (Seoul → couture) : Bang Bang at the crossroads turn left and then straight ahead approximately 1.5 ㎞

Dogok (Line 3) :After the bus station, exit 2 → Shuttle Bus
Bundang Hanti : Exit 7 → Shuttle / Go straight at exit 6 (10 min walk)
Nonhyeon (Line 7) : Exit 3 → Blue Bus No. 420 (blue), using
Seolleung (Line 2) : Exit 3 → 07 beonyiyong (Green - Old Town Bus No. 4428)

Bus stop: Dogok Rexle Apartment 
Blue bus: # 141, 147, 340, 420, 461
Green bus: # 3422