Gachon University Gil Medical Center

Brain Health Center, Heart Center, Gastroenterology Center, Eye-ENT Center, Incheon Area Cancer Center, Women’s Clinic, Palliative Care Unit, Emergency Care Center, Organ Transplant Institute, Spin



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    • Best Korean emergency medical center 13 years in a row
    • MOU with Olympic Council of Asia for athletes' treatment
    • Located in Incheon City, near Incheon Int'l Airport

As a characteristic of Gachon University Gil Hospital, first, one can point out the fact that it has built the system of an independent specialized medical center since the early 1980. It is not unrelated to the process, which started from an obstetrics clinic and then developed into a general hospital in order to provide a wider range of medical service and then into a university hospital that seeks both treatment and prevention.

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인천광역시 남동구 구월동 1198 가천길병원

Seoul Ring Expressway :
- Ilsan bound : Pangyo bound → go out at Jangsu I.C → Turn right towards city hall at the 2nd intersection under the express way → Turn right at a Gil Hospital Sageori(Crossroads) →Entry Hospital 
- Pangyo bound : Ilsan bound → Enter 2nd Gyeongin Expressway from Gwangmyeong I.C Incheon direction → Turn right from Namdong I.C towards the City Hall → Go straight from Gil Hospital → Entry Hospital

Line 1 Dongam (Exit 1) Bus : 532, 536 10~15 min. 
Incheon Line Arts Center (Exit 2) By Foot 5~10 min. 
Incheon Line City Hall (Exit 4) Bus : 41 5~10 min. 
Incheon Line Incheon Terminal Bus : 11, 22, 22-1, 41, 41-1 10~15 min. 


Bus (In Incheon) Stops at Gil Hospital : 11, 22, 41, 45, 77, 907
Bus Stops at Gil Hospital : 103, 111-2, 536(6), 303