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    • Plays a pivotal role in medical industry in Jeju-do
    • A medical center and a resort opened (2013)
    • The high-tech cancer treatment facility

Cheju Halla General Hospital, a non-profit medical corporation, was founded on October 30, 1983 and has been running to improve local health care and enhance welfare of the society under the precept of "Imyoung Amyoung" which means "to treat patients' life and health as our body." With the state-of-the-art medical facilities and the most talented medical staff, Cheju Halla General Hospital has been playing a pivotal role in developing medical industry of Jeju, by satisfying various medical demands of Jeju citizens who had suffered from poor medical environments and by luring international patients for medical services. In 2008, Cheju Halla General Hospital introduced the PET-CT & Cyclotron, which was dubbed as "The miracle cancer detector." In the following year, Cheju Halla General Hospital became the 10th member in Asia that introduced the 256 Slice CT, which is one of the only two devices in Korea. In March 2011, this hospital became the 3rd player that began to operate the Rapid MultiArc with BrainLab, the high-tech cancer treatment facility. In July 2011, Cheju Halla General Hospital was named as the emergency medical center in Jeju and in December, it was designated as a government-certified medical organization for its high quality medical services. As such, Cheju Halla General Hospital has been providing the highest level medical services with professional medical staff and the most advanced facilities. In addition, in order to attract international patients, Cheju Halla General Hospital secured land in the space of 200,000㎡ in Seogwipo city to establish a medical resort that will include the hydrotherapy center. This medical resort that will function both as a medical center and a resort will be opened in March 2013. Cheju Halla General Hospital, which not only has tried to satisfy local patients but international patients as well, as developed a project to internationalize its high value-added medical services, in efforts to contribute to development of local economy and build a society where all the diseases can be cured.


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